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Prices are based upon a two-dimensional buckle design, and are for an initial order of 20 buckles or more. Discount pricing is available for quantities of 200-plus. Pricing does not include color inlay or shipping and handling.




Since all of our products are custom cast for the exclusive use of our clients, all initial orders are prepaid before production begins. Please allow eight to ten weeks for delivery after the order has been approved and payment has been received. After the initial order, the buckles may be reordered in quantities of 5 or more. Our buckles carry a lifetime warranty against workmanship, and are made here in the U.S.A. 

Note we do not custom cast new buckle designs for an order of just one buckle, and most of the buckles displayed on our website are not for sale, but are for the exclusive use of our clients. However, there are a few buckles which may be ordered by individuals for personal use. These buckles may be ordered by sending your payment in the amount of  $84.00 each, to our address given above.  Please indicate which product number you are ordering.  The blank banner buckle will be engraved with the name on the check, and shipped to the address on the check received for the order (unless otherwise indicated).

What People Are Saying ...


For quite some time I have wanted to create some kind of functional and durable keepsake for the ranch but couldn't come up with anything that fit the bill.  I don't see a father handing down a tee shirt, ball cap, or coffee cup to his son so those were out.  That's where Buckles by Jim answered the call and helped me create the perfect functional and durable heirloom. The process was easy and the results are fantastic. They took my design and logo thoughts and put them into artwork so I could see what they would look like. But the end product is even more impressive than the artwork. We couldn't be happier and the recipients were very surprised and totally blown away.


Anyone looking to give a lasting gift that is very personal and unique should give Jim a call. To have something that is one of a kind that no one else can get without your permission is pretty awesome!

Rick Crawford

Ovilla, TX

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